Play Your Part. Be Water Smart.

We use water every day without thinking about it. But how much do we waste? 

We're always working so the water cycle never stops. Water is vital to everyday lives and to Scotland's environment and we're committed to working with our customers so we can all play a part in using this valuable resource wisely. 

Did You Know? 

Less than 1% of our water ends up where Scottish Water has access to it.

More people are using water every day.  There is an increasing risk of prolonged dry spells which lead to water levels dropping quickly. 

We must use water wisely, protect future supplies, keep more water in the natural environment and avoid water waste. 

That’s why we’re working in partnership with Home Energy Scotland. We want to help people use water wisely and save energy, which will reduce energy bills and save money. 

Water Use 

Each person in Scotland uses about 150 litres of water every day. 

If each household made small changes to reduce their water use by 5%, we could save millions of litres of water every year. 

Small Changes 

Making small changes to your everyday behaviour can save water, energy and money.

  • Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth and shaving 
  • Take a short shower 
  • Fill up your washing machine and wash at 30 degrees 
  • Swap your garden hose for a watering can

Free water efficiency pack 

Our free water efficiency pack is available for people who live in Scotland. It includes some handy gadgets to be used in the three main areas of your home to help you be water wise, save energy and keep your energy bills down. You can request your free pack here.

To give us feedback on the water efficiency pack, visit this page.